Saturday, February 22, 2020

Business Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 3

Business Report - Essay Example This department coordinates the operations of the business. The aim of the firm is to maximize sales to increase revenue. Systems that are in this department include the Sales Recording System, and Business Operation System. The main functions of this department include management of transportation, inventory, warehousing, packaging, and security. Systems in this department include wholesale mode system, security management, warehousing coordination system and inventory system. This department ensures day-to-day supervision of receiving and distribution of funds within the organization. Maintenance of records if also a function here. Systems in this department include the cashier system and database recovery system. High Burry Suppliers has no computer on their premises, and all ordering takes place manually. This results to data loss. The business has no website and uses very little market except the word of mouth. HBS is on the road to becoming one of the top retailers in the country. There are various business information system that needs to be implemented to ensure this status. The first is Schedule Management System. This will help the top leadership in managing their tight schedules. Additionally, the system will be useful in the management of operations. The second is the Price Look-Up System and log-in system. This system will be useful in tracking down all the transactions within the firm. The third is the Operations Manager System. This system will be useful to the sales department since it is involved in the running of day-to-day operations. The system is crucial in making the company more productive and will work in collaboration with the Sales Supervisor System, which will be the fourth system to be implemented. The fifth system to be implemented is the Inventory System. This system will be useful in integrating information, transportation, and inventory. There are many benefits associated with this proposed information system.

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